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For Schools, Colleges and Academies

  • Excellent for schools and academies.
  • Suitable from Pre-K to Tenth grade.
  • Suitable for small and mid-sized schools
  • Integration of multiple schools /academies
  • Electronic database of all students along with session, class and section assignment.
  • Complete test management, including monthly test, semi-final and final exams.
  • Date Sheet management
  • Create examination titles (e.g. summer tests, mid-term tests, winter tests)
  • Pre-define and track all school exams.
  • Class, section and session wise exam management.
  • Track exam time lines.
  • Simplified templates for record collection and publishing.
  • Complete report card management.
  • Automatic position calculation and grade assignment.
  • Full archiving of all results.
  • Print new report cards anytime with results from all test taken.
  • Change sections, promote or retain students.
  • Custom dashboard to show parameters you want to focus.
  • Reduce duplicate entries and make it error-free.
  • Improves credibility and reputation of the institution.
  • Attendance management – attendance also appears on report cards
  • Other custom reports, all with your own logo and school details.
  • Multiple error checking algorithms ensure only valid information is processed.
  • TextGrade provides a web-based messaging platform which will transform the way schools, colleges and academies communicate with parents.
  • From the TextGrade messaging dashboard, your staff can easily generate SMS – directly from the report cards, custom results, attendance records or even custom messages to Pre-defined or real selectable group of students.
  • Text results to parents with a single click.
  • Send general message to all parents to notify about school events.
  • Section wise, session wise, group wise, teacher wise messaging without any manual entries.
  • Tracking of messages used, and available messages- any time from anywhere.
  • Custom masking to deliver messages with your school name.
  • Track message delivery report.

TextGrade in Action

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